About HYS

Chuan Yi Sin Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, specializing in aluminum alloy forging, development and manufacturing of processing and forging molds. The team has more than 20 years of professional technology and practical work experience. Youth, innovation, and vitality are the characteristics of ChuanYiSin 's team. We can provide customers with more flexible and rapid OEM services, especially for large or complex shaped aluminum forgings, we can provide high-quality, High efficiency and material saving forging solutions. Generally, our forged products greatly reduce the cost of mechanical and post turning processing, which also means that customers will have stronger competitiveness in the market.

Chuan Yi Sin has a well-planned forging processing plant covering an area of 3,700 square meters. We adopt a consistent forging processing production line and are equipped with 3150/2500/1000/600-ton forging molding machines and 15-150-ton punch presses. The production line and 300-ton hydraulic press can provide customers with "one-piece" precision forging of various aluminum alloy parts, ranging in weight from 0.005 to 26 kg, with a monthly production capacity of 100 tons. It can fully meet the production needs of customers and support customers facing urgent orders.
Vertical integration provides comprehensive services Strong forging energy
Diversified products meet customer needs Excellent in quality control
Diversified products meet customer needs
Chuan Yi Sin aluminum forging products are quite diversified, covering a wide range of industries such as bicycle parts, automobile parts, locomotive parts, engine pistons, medical treatment, aerospace, national defense, hardware parts, etc., and providing diversified aluminum forging processing services to meet customer needs.

Excellent in quality control
At the production and manufacturing level, in addition to having a good quality management system and testing equipment, our company also utilizes the "Smart Manufacturing Instant Networking System" to timely capture signals from machines and peripheral sensor equipment, achieving real-time production completion measurement management, machine status control, abnormal reporting, and process parameter collection. Combined with the ERP system, we ensure that all process parameters are stable and in the best condition during the process, To meet the high demands of customers for product quality.
Starting from the input of raw materials, material element control, fluorescence inspection after forging, and temperature monitoring management for heat treatment are carried out for each process quality inspection, so as to reduce production failure rate and cost.
Certification of Quality Management

Chuan Yi Sin 's quality system obtained ISO9001:2015 certification in 2003 and holds the American IAS certificate to ensure that the manufacturing process of products from the development stage to the shipment of finished products has a good quality control mechanism, in order to achieve the two major quality management goals of "designed" and "manufactured".

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