Fluorescent Testing

The "fluorescence inspection" operation has expanded the equipment from the original factory forged product inspection. The fluorescence inspection production line is suitable for safety parts that require a large number of full inspections. From a third-party perspective and with fast efficiency, it assists in the fluorescence inspection of other products, providing a quality verification between customers and forging merchants. We are currently the first company in Taiwan to independently operate "firefly inspection services" to the outside world, hoping to contribute an effective effort to the quality of aluminum alloy forging in Taiwan.

Flourescent Penetrant Test Theory

Compar ison

Under black light, flourescent penetrant is clear in any visual angle. It is easy to evaluate discontinuous surface

Visual inspect under daylight is easy to overlook small flaws or difficult to check becuase of the reflect light.
PT examination process
Immerse in Penetrant Draining Spray-rinse Water bath 1 Water bath 2 Drying Black light evaluation
Liquid penetrant examination

Liquid penetrant testing is a non-destructive testing method. When there are discontinuities(cracks, seams, laps, cold shuts, shrinkage, laminations or lack of fusion etc,.) that are open to the surface, fluorescent liquid will permeate into it. After washing the penetrant on the surface, penetrant will still remain on discontinuous area. Visual inspect under black light, the remained penetrant will be seen.

We use flourescent penetrant of level 2 – medium sensitivity. High sensitivity makes it easier to evaluate the discontinuous surface. We can design fixture for different product to make the examination time is more efficient. It fits for critical safety parts which need full inspection.

We are the first one who opened penetrant examination service for public business. Inspect discontinuous surface of forging product as the third party for customer and other forging plants who need to inspect a large quantity. Welcome to contact us and know about penetrant examination more.